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underway. 3 f2 que palabras utilizar√ćas para romney campaigns asking for access time on the road, ride along access to the traveling campaign in the final days. while the romney camp is still considering our request, tonight we bring you a look at what it's like inside the president's campaign for president. this latest trip that we were on, an all-nighter last night, is just wrapping up late tonight. he has covered eight states in just about 39 hours, crisscrossing the country for almost 8,000 miles. we spent much of the last two days with him, living on air force one as he makes his case to be able to ride around in that plane and continue in the presidency for four more years. our journey began first thing yesterday morning. >>> 7:59 a.m., air force one was rolled out of its hangar in the dark, filled with supplies, enough for the stops we're making today. we just got word the president is about two minutes from liftoff from the white house lawn on board marine one. the helicopter will land forward of the 747. he will walk to the front stairs. as soon as he is on board and the door
, and about last night, they now estimate 67 million of us watched a very energized mitt romney cruise to a consensus victory over president obama in their first of three debates. this now throws something of a change into the race and this only focuses more attention on the big and ongoing fight to swing those remaining undecided voters. they number about 5% of all voters. they take up 100% of the efforts of some of the campaign teams. who have to find them and then hook them as harry smith recently saw in the critical state of north carolina. >> reporter: republican volunteers canvass in the neighborhoods of raleigh, north carolina. >> how are you today? >> reporter: this is real retail politics. the ultimate neighborhood watch. >> mitt romney. >> obama. >> thank you for your time. >> reporter: the grueling day-by-day search for the most important person in this presidential election. >> having some bad luck. >> the undecided voter. >> another double. >> reporter: and we found him, his name is george manukis, a grandfather and avid golfer. he and his wife, vula, are transplants from
>> get ready for something extra. >> "extra, extra!" >> ann romney's morning tv war today. >> i would love it if you'd get my husband on the couch, joy, and you can go down -- >> then mitt's son saying he wanted to punch the president. >> you want to rush down the debate stage and take a swing at him. >> mitt's other son reacts to the controversy. plus obama's newest spoof with "the voice" coaches. fireworks over italy for justin and jessica's rumored $6.5 million wedding. >> are you going to be jessica timberlake. >> the extreme measures to keep it the most extreme celebrity i dos ever. >> i'm in new york city with hilaria baldwin. you and alec just got married. any advice for justin and jessica? >> new photos. and ashton versus charlie sheen, who knocked the other off the top spot paid list? >> here's a hint -- he made $24 last year. >> new video of pink showing off her incredible 54-pound weight loss. how she did it. plus, we're with the hot new bond girls. >> are you ready for a little bond quiz? >> i am so good. >> i want to stop it right now. "extra, extra!" [captioning ma
of the night, there was also this cnn report about mitt romney's pre-debate prep. correspondent dan ashe bash said, quote, we're told the said, quote, we're told the governor had to practice getting up on the stool because he's not used to sitting on a stool. he's a mormon, he doesn't go to bars, he doesn't hang out on schools very much, discuss if you wish. in the meantime, let's go north to maine. if we dare, it's been wild up there these days, the state that gave up lobster bibs with butter on the side has now given us zumba classes with prostitution on the side. at least that's the allegation about the shapely instructor and a lot of men have a lot of explaining to do after being publicly shamed. then the earth moved, for real. a 4.0 quake felt from portland to boston and beyond. and because of maine's innate modesty and feared being called out by californians, they posted their own theme. an unexpected moment came during our interview with ethel kennedy. her daughter's made a documentary about her mom. and with this week's 50th anniversary of the cuban missile crisis in mind, i asked the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)